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RE:WARM 010 || Small - Dont Leave Me In The Rain
RE:WARM 010 || Small - Dont Leave Me In The Rain
RE:WARM 010 || Small - Dont Leave Me In The Rain
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RE:WARM 010 || Small - Dont Leave Me In The Rain

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RE:WARM 010 – Small - Don’t Leave Me In The Rain

Now Shipping - 18.11.2022

We have very little information about SMALL but one thing is clear, this album of infectious South African House-infused Pop from 1991 is anything but small in statement! That Pop, Bubblegum, Kwaito & early House sound particular to SA in the 90s is in full effect here. The hell of Apartheid was coming to an inglorious end and the youth of the townships just wanted to dance and escape, and this was their soundtrack. ‘Don’t Leave Me in The Rain’ could be a long-lost Frankie Knuckles record if he’d grown up in Soweto instead of Chicago. The people (person?) behind SMALL are obviously inspired by late 80s Afro-American House but the unique mzansi vocals and rhythmic changes throughout the record make it much more than an homage, this album is packed full of heartfelt and deeply soulful music for the dancefloor.

‘Make My Life’ starts with a nod to Inner City’s ‘Good Life’ but like the rest of the album, there is a distinct SA identity in play here. Soul-drenched vocals, surprisingly well-produced drum machine rhythms for the time, electric pianos and synth brass stabs expose the times this was made in but who cares? This is classy stuff. It’s not all 120 BPM dancefloor action either, there’s touches of 80s Boogie, and long lost gospel-influenced anthems in songs such as the life-affirming ‘Happy Song’ alongside the Jam & Lewis meets Spiritual Life pop perfection of ‘Melody Of Love’. ‘Don’t Leave Me In The Rain’ is an under-the-radar grail for all those seeking good time House music for the feel-good slot at any party. For all those that enjoyed the releases we put out from Lucky Mereki or Bibbi, this one is going to be right up your street!

Officially licensed and remastered for this small release run, 500 vinyl copies in total. Pick it up here rather than paying the extortionate cost of the rare and hard-to-find original.