John Gómez ‘Outro Tempo II’ RA Review

Resident Advisor awards John Gómez a 4/5 for his sterling efforts on bringing together a comprehensive and thoroughly well packaged overview of Brazilian contemporary music in the post dictatorship period from 1984-1996. Check the full review after the jump.

Warm Reservoir White Tee by NoWayBack

We bring back a favourite print of the Reservoir Tee from back in 2011 in collaboration with the NoWayBack company. Clink on the link to pick up yours now. Other designs to follow from the WARM design back catalogue.

Lives in Music – Brian Not Brian interview

The Ransom Note recently met up with Brian Not Brian for their ‘Lives in Music’ series, focusing on people that make the wheels turn behind the scenes in London’s music underground. Check after the jump to find out about early raving inspirations, balancing life both as a label manager for his own labels Going Good & Midnight drive, on top of being a label manager for Above Board Distribution, as well a few insider tips on Richie Hawtin’s latest Sake venture.

Retiree Mystery Bay (Club Mix)

Mystery Bay Club Mix is out now! This is also the version we play live & are super excited to perform in the UK in a few weeks!

Listen at the link below.

John Gómez Music From Memory Mix

Ahead of Outro Tempo II, John Gómez contributes to the MFM Mix Series with this wonderfully soothing second episode titled Spring Awakening. Q&A and mix here below.

Retiree Mix Preview for Pitch

Ahead of their live performance at Pitch Music & Arts the trio crafted a special DJ mix that showcases their diverse musical tastes. Check below!

Torture the Artist – The Golden Filter

n their latest interview for Torture the Artist Stephen and Penelope speak about the reasons of leaving New York and moving to London, their musical relationship, art exhibitions, the aspect of nature in their music,social media and the internetand, of course, generally about music. Check it after the jump.

Raphaël Top-Secret on remix duties for Versatile

Resident Advisor said it best: “Close your eyes and imagine: you’re in a chic cocktail lounge in Manhattan around 1999, cosmopolitan in hand, soaking in the lushest, louchest house you’ve ever heard, complete with sultry horns”. Preview after the jump!