DJ Okapi

Digging up rare vinyl grooves in the city of gold, DJ Okapi brings a forgotten era of South African pop music back to life – especially the synth-fuelled 80s disco-funk known as bubblegum and the unique house-inspired kwaito grooves of the early 90s, connecting them to their contemporaries in other parts of Africa and its diaspora.

Since 2009, through his AfroSynth blog (, DJ Okapi has been instrumental in turning a new generation of music fans all over the world on to South African music of the 80s and 90s, most of which was never heard outside the country at the time. The website has since grown into an online store and more recently a shop in downtown Johannesburg.

With African synthesizer music growing in popularity around the world, DJ Okapi was headhunted to put together a compilation of South African disco for US-based label Cultures of Soul, titled Boogie Breakdown, released in September 2016. Further specialist compilations followed in 2018 on the mighty Rush Hour recordings, compiled in collaboration with notorious digger Antal and entitled ‘Pantsula! The Rise Of Electronic Dance Music In South Africa 1988-90’. Putting his hand to more curations for Soundway followed and the release of ‘Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synth Boogie In 1980s South Africa’ shortly followed, highlighting incredible music both suited to the dancefloor as well as the living room that is now gaining recognition and appreciation worldwide from collectors, DJs and listeners from all ends of the spectrum.

The future continues to looks bright with AfroSynth beginning it’s life as a record label in its own right, reissuing incredible South African disco, kwaito and bubblegum from centuries ago repackaged with love for a new generation of listeners.

Brian Not Brian

Belfast-born, London based Brian not Brian is one of the purest and most intense characters of the contemporary electronic music scene.

With over twenty years of research and dedication, corroborated by his work experience in established London record stores such as Phonica, MVE & Kristina he has become the adventurous selector that he is today. Able to cross genre boundaries with ease, taste and sensitivity. Whether it be jazz or cosmic, boogie, techno or house it doesn’t really matter. Brian looks for quality, not trends.

Going Good, the record label he operates with longtime partner in crime Salik is the proof. In only a few years Going Good has gained attention and appreciation worldwide through impactful releases from established and previously unknown artists alike such as Moon B, Cloudface, Aquarian Foundation, Anom Vitruv, Ewan Jansen, The Mystic Jungle Tribe, Nummer, Yoshinori Hayashi, XI & more.

Horse Meat Disco

Initially established in 2004 at The Eagle, an innocuous gay bar in London’s Vauxhall, Horse Meat Disco has evolved into a powerful force in queer and club culture as a whole, while staying local to its original home, each and every Sunday. Co-founded by James Hillard and Jim Stanton, and encompassing residents Severino and Luke Howards, the crew continue to maintain not only the weekly Sunday party, but a number of residencies in cities across the world, alongside a kaleidoscope of club appearances, festival dates and specially curated mixes.

Taking inspiration from a diverse, counter-cultural history of clubs and DJs, as well as from the sprawling, ever-expanding musical collections of it’s resident crew, the sound of HMD is impossible to place. Nonetheless their style is undeniable, as is a popper-scented air of sheer authenticity. Rooted in hedonism, rhythm, freedom and emotion, a Horse Meat Disco set reinforces everything invigorating about disco, as comfortable as shattering old-school mirror ball cliches as basking in their light.

A typical HMD set blends classics, italo disco, house, oddities and punk funk, to conjure their initial spirit of “a queer party for everyone”, including, but not limited to, “Homos and Heteros, club kids, bears, fashionistas, naturists, guerilla drag queens and ladies who munch.” They have made appearances on every notable club scene in the modern world, as well as those beyond, and have long been a key fixture at festivals including Glastonbury, Bestival and Festival No.6.

Outside of the club, the Horse Meat Disco train rolls across the airwaves on Rinse FM, where the crew hold down a weekly residency every Sunday afternoon, serving as a pre and post-club Sunday lunch accompaniment, often delving into the more soulful shades of their sublime taste, often encompassing rave groove, gospel and whatever they can’t get away with on the dancefloor (which, as the years have proven, isn’t much). A series of expertly curated and acclaimed compilations for reissue label Strut helped further cement HMD’s formidable but communal reputation as disco masterminds, spreading their sound and many enviable obscurities into front rooms and record bags across the world. Their latest, ‘Meat Me Down the Disco’, was released on Z Records in 2017.

After decades of crate digging, globetrotting and partying, the HMD story continues apace. 2017 also saw the crew record their long-awaited contribution to BBC Radio 1’s ‘Essential Mix’, as well as their first joint foray into production, ‘Waiting For You To Call’, featuring Roy Inc., and released on their own, self-titled imprint. They are currently working on new music to be released with Glitterbox, with the new single ‘Let’s Go Dancing’ released in December 2018.

Tuff City Kids

Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer are creatures of habit. Every week, the two club veterans meet up at Phillipʼs studio and spend an entire day making tunes. And while Gerd often likes to joke that his role in the arrangement is limited to making coffee and looking at his cell phone, itʼs clear that the two men have forged a potent partnership, one thatʼs been responsible for an astonishing amount of dance floor heat over the past few years.

The Golden Filter

The Golden Filter is the communal guise of Penelope Trappes and Stephen Hindman. Part art project, part electronic experimentation, part dark technoheads, The Golden Filter were born in 2008 in NYC as a disruption to the pop music status quo. Now living in London, and welcomed into Glasgow’s Optimo Music family, their current raw, energetic, minimal wave creations push the limits of analogue beatheavy soundscaping, caressed by Penelope’s angular vocalisations. Since relocating to London in 2014, The Golden Filter have been writing film scores, touring and releasing music on labels like Optimo, Correspondant, and their own 4GN3S imprint.

New Jackson

Since debuting in 2011, New Jackson has been producing romantic and nocturnal electronic music from his windswept studio beside the Irish Sea. Having released on such luminary club labels as Permanent Vacation, Hivern Discs and Dublin’s own All City Records,his evocative and sophisticated club music has found itself swept out to Europe’s finest dancefloors, and into the record bags of it’s most esteemed selectors. The solely electronic side-project of cult singer-songwriter David Kitt, whose storied twenty year career has seen him enjoy chart success and a personal invitation to perform at David Bowie’s edition of ‘Meltdown’,

Principally inspired by strains of Chicago house, melodic disco and acid ambience, the sound of New Jackson is outstanding machine music with a rare soul. Reflecting Kitt’s extensive musical history, each of New Jackson’s dozen-or-so releases thus far is characterised by an adventurous musical spirit, often weaving unexpected influences from acoustic, experimental and classical genres to rousing and authentic effect. Kitt’s “MPC-mindset” often thrives as the rhythmic centre of each production, reflecting a lifelong love affair with the machine first-established Kitt produced as part of Dublin’s ‘Thomas The Skank Engine’ crew, who were behind the now legendary Dub Trax parties.

Nonetheless, the tracks exist firmly in dance music’s underground diaspora, stripped of novelty and nonchalance into something emotive but always physical. The woozy vocoder at the centre of ‘Sat Around Here Waiting’ continues to turn heads in clubs since it’s sudden, delightful arrival on John Talabot’s Hivern Discs imprint in 2013, matched by 2014’s ‘Having A Coke With You’, an unforgettable slice of acid-house melancholy, defined by a memorable sample and poignant strings.

This steady stream of singles laid the gradual foundations for New Jackson’s debut LP, ‘From Night to Night’, released in 2017 on Dublin’s All City Records. Hailed by The Irish Times as “a gratifying and hugely satisfying collection”, it perfectly framed his dancefloor impulses with a wider palette of sound, deftly blending influences as disparate as Larry Heard, Pete Rock and Arthur Russell. This same weaving of tempo, genre and context inform New Jackson’s DJ sets, that have taken him to clubs including Berlin’s Panorama Bar, Output in New York and Amsterdam’s Sugar Factory.

Currently working on a follow-up LP for All City and with e.p. releases for Maeve and Permanent Vacation scheduled for early 2018, New Jackson continues to impress with his expansive sound and musical philosophy.

Laurence Guy

DJ, Producer and purveyor of quality house music.

Having crafted his own signature of sophisticated underground music, Laurence Guy has amassed a collection of loyal listeners and tastemakers, all of whom are united in an appreciation for his outstanding production abilities and talents as a DJ.

Emerging, like many young UK artists, from the grassroots of genres such as D’n’B and Dubstep, he has always been keen to explore his own personal artistic vision. Delving into different musical routes and testing new sonic directions has kept Laurence at the forefront of a scene where trends can change quickly and leave others behind.

The first, complete culmination of his artistry came in the form of his critically acclaimed debut album on Church Records in 2017. “Saw You For The First Time” followed a string of admired EPs and projected his name to new heights. The release was lauded by many beloved selectors and figure heads, most notably by esteemed producer and DJ, Move D, whose enduring support of Laurence’s releases provides an assured stamp of approval. Never one to stand still, Laurence followed this success with an EP on renowned Japanese label Mule Musiq “All I See Is Her” and most recently a standout debut mini-album for Sweden’s finest Studio Barnhus, which was every part the mature and seasoned follow up all had been hoping for.

A restless digger, Laurence can be found rummaging through the dusty crates of his local charity shops looking for samples to expand his sound palate, some of which have made their way onto his edits label Accidental Pieces. With such an active pursuit of music both old and new, Laurence has established himself as a selector, playing globally at some of the best venues and festivals around, as well as holding down a residency on London’s storied Rinse FM station. Guy is also developing himself as a live artist, both solo and as part of the Circle Of Live family, and has already been selected alongside some of the most notorious live acts in the world.

Laurence’s willingness to probe new styles and inspect unfamiliar spaces is part of what has led to him becoming one of the UK’s finest exports. He has surely become one of the most promising talents in our scene.

Fort Romeau

Michael Greene aka Fort Romeau has been busy since his 2012 debut “Kingdoms”, releasing EPs on labels such as Running Back and Live At Robert Johnson as well as having tracks featured on compilations from Rush Hour, Cocoon, Correspondent and Mule Musiq.

His sophomoric 2015 LP “Insides” released by Ghostly International was inspired by an eclectic mixture of house, kraut, ambient and techno, and showed a further development of his unique take on dance floor music. His love for music and record collecting goes back much further. As a child he would join his father, an avid vinyl collector on journeys to record fairs and jumble sales, digging every weekend from the age of 8 years old. And so it was quite natural that the collector became the DJ and the listener became the musician.

The past few years have seen him play all over the world, from Mexico to Tokyo and regularly at some of Europe’s most revered club spaces. 2015 saw him set up his own label “Cin Cin” releasing split EPs from established names and newcomers alike, with a diverse musical policy that reflects the DJ/producer’s open minded and inquisitive approach.

Elliott Lion

Elliott has been making and playing music since his teens. Most notably as the electronics and keys man in the band Editors.
He announced the arrival of his solo venture at the beginning of 2017 with his debut release on the highly regarded CIN CIN label run by Fort Romeau and Ali Tillett.

The release gained some key support from BBC Radio 1 Dj’s, B. Traits, Monki and Pete Tong.

Elliott Lion brings a love of analog hardware, classic elements of house, techno and spaced out cosmic disco to make a sound all of his own.

Henrik Schwarz

Hailing from the southern part of Germany, Bodensee, Henrik Schwarz is a long time veteran in the German deep house scene. Djing was his first love, having built a reputation at major events in the early nineties. But a desire to breach musical and technological boundaries pushed Henrik into production and soon his live laptop sessions were born. Today he takes his live sets and nine years of production experience to crowds worldwide. His twelve’s are gaining massive support from the likes of Jazzanova, Gilles Peterson and Sonar Kollektiv.