Kiddy Smile

Kiddy Smile was raised in a housing project in Rambouillet (Yvelines) to the southwest of Paris. His teenage years were rather rowdy, but he soon acquired a taste for dancing. He appeared in a few music videos, especially George Michael’s ‘An Easier Affair’, and moved from Rambouillet to Paris. He took dancing lessons and discovered Sylvester and Grace Jones – who, he says, shaped his personality.

Before beginning his musical career, Kiddy Smile was a fashion stylist (a love passed on to him by his mother). Among his influences, he cites African-American genres such as gospel and hip-hop, 90s Chicago and Detroit music, the voguing movement and the New York house ballroom scene.

Kiddy Smile met Gossip singer Beth Ditto at a Jeremy Scott fashion show. Beth invited him to appear with her band at the Coachella Festival in Los Angeles. He also ran into Lasseindra Ninja, a Parisian voguing figure, who introduced him to the movement and encouraged him to organize events. In a 2015 interview, Kiddy Smile explained that “Voguing is above all ballroom-culture dance, a space for freedom where you can be yourself, where outcasts can find a place.”

Through his events, dancers, music and videos, Kiddy embodies that culture where his skin color, love of fashion and homosexuality are fully embraced. His talent and extravagant nature brought him into the public eye and he became known as the ‘French Prince of Voguing’. While he was organizing his Strange nights (a qpoc party, Pierre used to run for 3 years), he met Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain, who asked him to develop the brand’s sound identity. Kiddy would also work with Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Lancôme, Versace and Asos… In 2016, he dropped two tracks, Teardrops In The Box and Let A B!tch Know, on english house label Defected.

Kiddy Smile released his first album, One Trick Pony, on August 31, 2018. It explores more intimate, personal subjects such as unrequited love, paternal desertion and acceptance of one’s body. “I define myself as a house-music artist. Queer is limiting. My music reflects my everyday life. I talk about me and being black and gay. My songs are about love. They’re not political, but my work is.” Just like the video for Let a B!tch Know, which was shot in the Alouettes housing project in Alfortville to the southeast of Paris. In it,ballroom breaks out at the foot of the blocks, fierce attitude topples macho posturing and LGBT identities are freely expressed.“I wanted to make a video showing what a society looks life when you can be yourself where you want” sums up Kiddy Smile. On November 22, 2019 Kiddy Smile released the EP One Trick Pony (Remixes).

The artist also played in the new movie directed by Gaspard Noé, Climax, which won the Art Cinema Award and critical acclaim at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2018. (Directors’ Fortnight). The first single from the album, Dickmatized, is on the original soundtrack of the movie.

Diane Birch

Diane Birch is an American singer-songwriter with two critically acclaimed albums & Eps as well as several self-released singles to her discography. She has received extensive press coverage in Billboard, CBS, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Interview Magazine, The LA Times, Baeble, Telegraph UK, Refinery 29, The Guardian, Vogue, PopSugar, Elle, and many more. Past performances include opening for Stevie Wonder (in England and France), touring the US with Nick Jonas and the Administration, and opening for Bryan Ferry on the European leg of his spring 2019 tour. Her songs have been featured in several TV shows and films including “Lucifer”, “Valentine’s Day” and an advertising campaign for Olay. She has been compared by critics to Laura Nyro, Elton John, and Stevie Nicks, yet she retains a sound a sensibility that is all her own.


Working in esteemed Soho record store, Sounds Of The Universe and graduating with an ethnomusicology degree from SOAS, Poly- Ritmo brings her wide knowledge of music to the decks. 2019 saw her joining the Soundway Records crew as well as playing Glastonbury, Shambala and Wilderness festivals, the Tate Modern, XOYO and more. Poly-Ritmo can be heard on her monthly Worldwide FM show, playing anything from Brazilian funk to broken beat to jazz.

Arjuna Oakes

21-year-old New Zealand Jazz/Soul wunderkind Arjuna Oakes’ star continues to rise in 2020. Following the release of his debut EP in 2019 with a combined 200,000+ Spotify listens, Arjuna and his band have spent a jubilant summer impressing crowds at New Zealand’s most important music festivals including Rhythm and Vines and Tora Bombora.

With an act comprising some of New Zealand’s most exciting young jazz musicians, Arjuna and his band present a euphoric live experience, with his charismatic soul vocals and robust sonic palette serving as a connective thread. Decorated by cinematic soundscapes, hypnotic grooves, creative improvisation and catchy melodies, Arjuna’s recordings and performance display a musical sensibility well beyond his years.

With tracks from his EP playlisted by tastemakers as diverse as Tokyo’s influential DJ Taro of J-Wave FM, as well as Vogue Paris’ 2019 selection, Arjuna’s appeal is truly international.


Hailing from Chicago, the city which gave birth to House music Rahaan has been spinning house and disco since the 80’s when he started playing at house parties across the city.

In the 3 decades since Rahaan has become a Chicago legend, a DJ who is widely recognised for his exceptional skills behind the decks and his exquisite taste in music. Lately he has also been earning plaudits for his production skills with some truly outstanding releases.

Recently he has released on some key labels including Lumberjacks In Hell, Street Edits and Dopeness Galore. His tracks are steeped in dancefloor groove, music made by a DJ with the sole intention of moving that floor.

Rahaan is a producer who has clearly learned his trade via many hours behind the decks studying the flow of the dance-floor and the tracks which have the power to excite and enthral.

Starting off playing from cassette tapes with a group of friends under the moniker ‘Chuck Brothers’ he started to build an extensive house and disco collection in the 90’s after a move to Wisconsin. A return to Chicago in 1996 saw him start to build his stellar reputation as one of Chicago’s stand out house and disco DJs with residencies at ‘The Spot’ and one of Chicago’s best clubs ‘Buddha Lounge’. A reputation he would cement with gigs all over the globe in the proceeding years.


ELLES is an artist, DJ & producer from London. Her first official release came as a celebratory string of female-only covers of acid house classics with Lisbon artist & DJ Violet for International Women’s Day in 2016 and she has since gone on to release on Love On The Rocks, Naive, Fade to Zaire, Ears Have Eyes and Super Drama.

Her acclaimed debut solo EP emo_ecstasy_everything was released on Naive sub-label Naivety in 2019, a predominantly beatless dreamscape encompassing delicate noise and field recordings, her own emotive vocals, oneiric pads, cascading harps and arpeggios – all informed by icy coldwave and lo-fi influences in a multi-layered sensibility. Setting her stall out as an artist with breadth that spans way beyond the dance-floor. Further musical projects for 2020 see her expanding into even more intriguing stylistic avenues, including a concept piece about a love-affair with technology that fuses pop with more experimental sounds.

A Rinse FM and Netil Radio resident, in DJing as in production her influences are eclectic and far-ranging from experimental and ambient to post-punk, Riot Grrrl, UK garage and acid, with the ability deliver long emotionally charged, atmospheric sets as deftly as sweat-dripping club bumpers on respected dance-floors internationally including Lux, about://blank, Wilde Renate, KALT, Corsica Studios and many more.

Public Possession

Public Possession was founded in 2012 by Valentino Betz and Marvin Schuhmann as an outlet to channel their various interests. The idea was to emphasise the relationship between music, text, graphic design and happenings. This process being a continuous stream, constantly evolving. The record label and shop (physical & online) were added in 2013. Since then both give platform to various artists from around the globe.

The effort of Public Possession is driven by the fun of creation and an urge to combine data – to create news. Its output is variable and includes commissioned work for clients from the field of culture and business as well as original work shown in various exhibitions and self organised events. Next to that, Public Possession regularly travels to DJ in cities around the world.

Bell Towers

Bell Towers is no stranger to the night. Moving curiously through dance music as a DJ and producer since 2009, BT has had four years of fun with cult Melbourne party Bamboo Musik (RIP); a successful relocation to the Northern Hemisphere (finally landing in Berlin) and gigs all over the world; a long-standing NTS residency and dibs on the name ‘Dance Music Show’; an ever-evolving discography; and credits for show music at New York, Paris, London and Shanghai Fashion Weeks that has further shaped his musical sensibility.

BT’s DJ sets flirt with 4/4 basement house, flimsy synthetic pop, cheap and chic funk, and emotional sunrise burnouts. He connects the dots and gives the floor his own idiosyncratic interpretation of ‘dance music history’. You might’ve heard the tracks the first time around, but the point here is that you haven’t heard them played like this.

In his eight years as an artist/producer — an output he self-describes as “file under 12”, intentionally laconic — BT has wriggled on various shades of house, 80s influenced pop and sample disco, released across respected labels like Public Possession, Internasjonal and Cocktail D’amore – the latter also being an infamous party series now serving his DJ skills as a regular new home. No two of his eleven singles sound the same, but there’s a long-play LP on the way that’ll make these styles stick like an entry stamp to your wrist on a Monday morning.

Luke Solomon

Luke Solomon build his foundations in the early 90s starting off behind a record counter at Stop on By in Barnet. Moving on to the legendary Freetown Records and then on to Narcotic Records for Roger Sanchez he worked in PR and promotions. During this time, he gained a residency at London’s ground breaking pirate radio station Girls FM where he met his dearly departed friend Kenny Hawkes. Together they set up the London mid-weeker Space where they invited people like Chez Damier and Derrick Carter.

Meanwhile Luke had become close to Derrick Carter and together they set up the Classic Music Company which is currently enjoying a huge renaissance. Amongst all of this Luke began his studio career forming the house music duo “Freaks.”

Fast forward over 25 years where Luke Solomon has been guiding the good ship Classic through a seminal year and working closely as A&R with Simon Dunmore at both Glitterbox and Defected.

Over the last few years he has been cementing his position as a Producer, working with Horse Meat Disco on their forthcoming album on Glitterbox, and with Honey Dijon on her second artist album forthcoming on Classic in 2020 and writing with the legendary Kathy Sledge on brand new material.

Luke has also kept his London residency status holding court at the sadly closed Savage Disco @ Metropolis and moving now to a permanent residency at XOYO in London.

He also continues to work on solo music, currently enjoying success with his studio band “Powerdance.”

Marcel Vogel

Marcel Vogel begged his mother two decades ago to buy him those belt driven second hand turntables and a Gemini mixer, so he could waste all his money on vinyl and work in clothes stores rather than becoming a doctor or whatever normal people do for a living. Lucky for us that obsession eventually turned into his label Lumberjacks in Hell with a loyal following across the globe. While Lumberjacks leads a secret life of it’s own with an ever surprising catalogue of summer filling anthems, Vogel shares his time between touring, being a father and surprisingly much time in the studio with his production partner Tim Jules working on remixes for the likes of Phenomenal Handclap Band, Hans Nieswandt or Girls of the Internet. While his own productions combine throwbacks of R&B, Disco and Detroit House. And as if the label, production and DJ work wasn’t enough, he also put together a compilation and mix CD for BBE titled The Sound Of Lumberjacks in Hell.